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Record = 1416-1247

Net_Profit = +410.5  units


Against Spread:  1416-1247


After Vigorish:  +410.49

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Our AI sports genius Remi crunches thousands of data points on each game. You reap the rewards.

NFL Computer Picks

Remi Analyzes Sports Data 24/7

Remi crunches thousands of data points on every game in NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, College Football, and College Basketball.

Remi Calculates a Win Probability

Remi finds the line or spread of the game, and calculates the probability that either team will cover the line, spread, or win outright.

Remi Assigns Units to Each Pick

Remi assigns units to each pick. A unit is simply a mathematical representation of the weight of each pick, from 2-15.

Remi Releases a Few Top Picks Each Day

Get notifications when Remi releases a Top Pick direct to your inbox, or login to the Today’s Leans page.

Remi Uses AI to Improve Over Time

Remi uses an AI technique known is reinforced recursive machine learning to learn from past mistakes and improve over time.
Trusted AI Sports Picks
"Leans.AI is by far one of the most informative sports betting programs I have come across in a long while. In the last half year, I have been more successful with this company than any others I have tried, and I plan on sticking with them."

Trevor Martin (+87.3 units)
4 October 2022

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All Time Net Units
After Vigorish:  +410.49

All Time Record
Against Spread:  1416-1247

AI Sports Betting Algorithm Remi

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Who Offers The Best Sports Handicapping Analysis?

In the world of sports, handicapping can greatly increase your chances of winning, leveraging real-time data and trends. Harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI), a machine-learning process augments decision-making by avoiding emotional biases often prevalent among fans who let loyalties overshadow logical choices.


Sports handicapping picks are the outcome for games generated by an algorithm designed to forecast results.

Leans AI stands as a revolutionary force in sports betting, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology. Every day, Leans AI shares the best sports betting picks crafted through its unique Artificial Intelligence algorithms. We’ve cultivated one of the most extensive and robust sports betting algorithms to date.

Game Lean AI Predicted Win Probability Units Result
02/11/23 PHI@BKN PHI -1 55.2% 6 WIN
02/11/23 DEN@CHA DEN -8.5 54.7% 5 WIN
02/11/23 DAL@SAC OVER 235.5 58.7% 8 WIN
02/10/23 CLE@NO CLE -2.5 54.1% 4 WIN
02/10/23 UTA@TOR UNDER 230.5 56.3% 6 LOSS
Lean Computer Predicted Win Probability Units Result
02/11/23 PHI -1 55.2% 6 WIN
02/11/23 DEN -8.5 54.7% 5 WIN
02/11/23 DAL OVR 235.5 58.7% 8 WIN
02/10/23 CLE -2.5 54.1% 4 WIN
02/10/23 UTA UN 230.5 56.3% 6 LOSS

Our algorithm sifts through data and statistics from hundreds of sources and historical databases, leveraging tens of millions of data points. This comprehensive approach powers our

daily AI sports betting predictions, backed by a track record of proven performance. For a live demonstration, check out our algorithm’s ongoing success on the Picks page.

Reinforcement Learning for Ongoing Enhancement

Through reinforcement learning, our algorithm constantly refines itself, enhancing its predictive prowess over time. Subscribers gain a competitive edge through these carefully crafted sports handicapper picks.

Spotting Non-Obvious Trends

As the season progresses and more team performance data becomes available, our algorithm excels at uncovering subtle trends. Leveraging AI in sports handicapper picks and identifying emerging trends offers.

nba computer picks


Our algorithm, Remi, boasts an impressive 58% success rate against the spread across various
sports. While sustained success can’t be guaranteed, Remi has exhibited remarkable promise. Sports handicapper picks are put to the test throughout the lengthy and action-packed season, echoing the age-old wisdom that it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Understanding Home vs. Away Dynamics

In most major sports, home teams typically outperform their road counterparts. While this
knowledge is widespread, the crucial aspect lies in quantifying this advantage accurately. Recognizing the extent to which home teams excel and away teams falter is essential for
informed betting.

Leveraging AI for Comprehensive Data Analysis

Seasoned bettors factor in various aspects of a team’s schedule to gauge their impact on game
outcomes. This entails meticulous tracking of a team’s performance under different circumstances, involving several statistics. Our reliance on AI streamlines this process, allowing us to crunch extensive data for unmatched insights.

nba ats


At Leans AI, we harness the power of our AI algorithm, Remi, to carefully craft win probabilities for each game. This process involves analyzing hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of data points. Factors such as the influence of star power and injuries on game outcomes are always meticulously considered. Remi then correlates these win probabilities with the designated line or spread, assigning a unit or weight to each game accordingly.

After Remi does all the heavy lifting, the algorithm sends a few of the best picks each day to subscribers, allowing clients to sit back and enjoy the game.


Leans AI consolidates insights from various sports experts into one convenient platform. For those who might question expert opinions, our Sports Handicapping picks for every gameday
are readily available.

While experts may inadvertently let emotional bias cloud their predictions, AI operates on a
purely data-driven basis. By removing emotions from the equation, our AI-driven approach
ensures objective and informed decisions.

Many of the early-season betting markets are fueled by rookies. So, be careful not to get caught up in the excitement. There may also be some merit in steering clear of the hype and focusing on last year’s middle-of-the-road clubs. You can also use sports handicapping picks to make up your mind.

AI Sports Betting


Yes! You can try Leans AI FREE to see our AI algorithm Remi in action! Remi finds a few games each day that lean strongly to one side of a line or spread, and emails those picks each day to subscribers. It’s like having an AI sports robot right in your pocket and working for you 24/7. 

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