What is Leans.AI

Based on real-time AI algorithms, LeansAI offers you an amazing opportunity to upgrade your betting adventures with comprehensive probabilities on how a game leans relative to a line or spread. LeansAI uses systematic artificial intelligence to give you the best betting predictions, such as NBA sports betting picks or NFL sports betting picks.


Rather than trusting outdated and standard AI algorithms, we believe in offering enhanced AI structures to provide you with vital information for making betting decisions. Our algorithm uses reinforcement learning, so it only gets better with time.



Would you want probabilities based on outdated trends or data? This is why we calculate probabilities every 20-minutes based on real-time information to offer the best results and winning chances at your fingertips.



Would you trust someone who doesn’t show their previous record? This is why we show clients our previous data and leans. This will allow you to see our track record and see which sports our AI algorithm is performing best on.

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Past leans net units

DurationNet Units
All Sports (Last 10 Days) +28
All Sports (Last 30 Days) +72.7
Last 10 Leans+15.9+3.7+28.3-1.7+10.8+3.6
Last 30 Leans+12+16.4+26.1+38.6+44.4+1.2

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How Does REMI™ Work?

Remi, our AI sports algorithm, offers deep informational insights that will pave the way for enhancing your sports betting strategies. We calculate probabilities based on real-time models analyzing tens of thousands of data points and incorporate the results of that analysis into each result. Predictions from real-time analytics scenarios yield the best information to provide an added boost to your betting strategies.

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The first step is to “Create an Account” to review our subscription plans to start getting Remi’s Top Leans.

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The second step is to choose a package duration, i.e., three days, one month, or three months. Each plan gives you access to Remi’s Top Leans.

Remi Works 24/7

Each Day, Remi Crunches Millions of data points and releases a few Top Leans.

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Get Remi’s Top Leans emailed to your Inbox OR check back on the ‘Todays Leans’ page.

Get exclusive access to a few games each day that lean strongly to one side of a line or spread.

Why Trust REMI™?

REMI runs on the perfect combination of modern AI algorithms and real-time results to provide probabilities for upcoming games.

Verified Results

We have a proven track record to show you our previous calculated probabilities and how they turned out. You can compare those results to anyone else you like.


Modern Algorithm

We don’t believe in using outdated methods for calculating probabilities. Therefore, we continuously update our algorithm to offer the best results. It's called reinforcement learning, and it's much like a good wine; it gets better with time.


No Messy Process

You want the best odds and probabilities for your betting strategies, and we want to connect you to these probabilities. That's it. There are no messy processes involved.


What Do People Say?

See what people are saying about Remi’s Leans, and you decide.
LeansAI is a must-have for your daily or weekly picks for multiple sports platforms. It is great to get daily picks that you might not have even thought about or to validate what you were already thinking. I have a great experience with the picks that are sent over to me daily. Having data that helps you make decisions has been great to have in my pocket.
Gabriel Steel
Philadelphia PA
The daily picks have provided great results! LeansAI gives me daily picks that keep me interested in multiple different games throughout the season. I mostly follow football, but LeansAI gives me daily picks that have gotten me more interested in the NBA, NHL, and MLB. Monthly winnings that aren't coming from a random industry sharp or a friend give me a great edge with my betting.
Nellie Ryan
Denver CO
"I didn't think I needed any leans or probabilities, but I did. When I first tested out leans from REMI, I was blown away at the results. Now, I love to go equipped to the battlefield, rather than being blind."
Taylor Landry
Knoxville TN
Who thought we needed AI Sports Betting? But we do. I used to place bets every weekend, and my win ratio was never more than 50%. With Remi’s leans, my winning percentage has surpassed losses, and I can’t think of a better way to bet. Go Remi!
Max Wilson
Reno NV

Get exclusive access to a few games each day that lean strongly to one side of a line or spread.

Remi is guaranteed to find winners or get three days free!
Try Remi’s Top Leans for three days, and if Remi doesn’t find positive net units across those days, get another three days free! See terms of promotion in cart at checkout.
$ 29
Exclusive Access to Remi’s Top Leans for Three Days
1-4 Top Leans Per Day - Direct to your Inbox
NBA, NCAAB, NHL, MLB, NFL, NCAAF all included
Guaranteed to generate *Positive Net Units or get another Three Days Free!
$ 199
Exclusive Access to Remi’s Top Leans for One Month
1-4 Top Leans Per Day - Direct to your Inbox
NBA, NCAAB, NHL, MLB, NFL, NCAAF all included
Guaranteed to generate *Positive Net Units or get another Three Days Free!
$ 499
Exclusive Access to Remi’s Top Leans for Three Months
1-4 Top Leans Per Day - Direct to your Inbox
NBA, NCAAB, NHL, MLB, NFL, NCAAF all included
Guaranteed to generate *Positive Net Units or get another Three Days Free!

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Get exclusive access to a few games each day that lean strongly to one side of a line or spread.

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Remi is a modern Computer Sports Prediction algorithm that uses AI for calculating the best picks. It uses the latest games and results to predict the upcoming games.
You can see our previous probabilities and results on our Past Leans page and verify for yourself. Remi has had a high win percentage over time.
Exact win percentages change each day, but you can calculate Remi’s recent performance by checking the Past Leans. The calculation of net Past Leans factors in the juice into each win and green boxes indicate a profitable track record.
Yes. Sports betting picks or AI betting picks, such as NHL sports betting picks or NFL sports betting picks, are perfectly legal. It’s the actual betting that may be illegal, depending on where you live.
A unit is a mathematical outcome comprising payout odds and probability of win as its core factors. According to the formula, 1 Unit = 1% Bankroll. It should be kept in mind that a unit is only a bit of information and not a recommendation as to how or whether to wager.
LEANS AI IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. We do not represent any information provided to be “accurate.” We provide you with our past performance history, but there is no assurance that future performance will be comparable, and we do not guarantee any results. Gamble responsibly. If you have a problem or think you might have a problem, call the National Gambling Hotline at 800-522-4700.
Want Remi’s Top Leans direct to your Inbox? All you need to do is sign up for a membership package, and Remi will email you as soon as a new Top Lean is released. Or, you can go to the Today’s Leans page to access the latest probabilities each day for your betting needs.
Yes, REMI offers the latest probabilities on which way a game leans each day. Usually, Remi releases one to four leans each day. Some days, Remi will find 6 or even 8 top leans, so you can always enjoy the hottest AI probabilities on the go.
Remi analyzes dozens of games every day, searching for a statistical advantage for sports bettors against a line or spread. While Remi calculates a percentage lean on almost every game, spamming our clients with dozens (or hundreds) of leans each day would be tedious to sort through. Instead, Remi sorts all the games to find a few Top Leans and releases those each day; leans where the game analytics shows an advantage against a line or spread. If Remi doesn’t release a lean on a game you’re interested in, you can assume Remi found the line or spread matches the true game analytics, and the game is a toss-up against the line or spread.
Predictive analytics involves uncertainties, and as such, Remi can’t make winning guarantees. However, Remi typically performs far better than guessing and oftentimes far better than many competitors and industry sharps. Remi updates net units for the past 10 and 30 days, so clients have a bird’s eye view of the progressive performance. In this way, you can garner enough confidence to incorporate Remi into your strategies.
AI is free of human errors, and owing to its self-learning algorithm, its winning percentage will often increase with the passage of time.
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