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Record = 1385-1225

Net_Profit = +393.7  units


Against Spread:  1385-1225


After Vigorish:  +393.67

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College Football Computer Picks generated with AI use precise win probabilities to find a few games each day that lean strongly to one side of a line or spread.

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Remi Analyzes Sports Data 24/7

Remi crunches thousands of data points on every game in NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, College Football, and College Basketball.

Remi Calculates a Win Probability

Remi finds the line or spread of the game, and calculates the probability that either team will cover the line, spread, or win outright.

Remi Assigns Units to Each Pick

Remi assigns units to each pick. A unit is simply a mathematical representation of the weight of each pick, from 2-15.

Remi Releases a Few Top Picks Each Day

Get notifications when Remi releases a Top Pick direct to your inbox, or login to the Today’s Leans page.

Remi Uses AI to Improve Over Time

Remi uses an AI technique known as Reinforced Recursive Machine Learning to learn from past mistakes and improve over time.

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All Time Net Units
After Vigorish:  +393.67

All Time Record
Against Spread:  1385-1225

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How Good are College Football Computer Picks?

College football computer picks have taken sports handicapping by storm using cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. By generating precise win probabilities, college football computer picks often destroy conventional handicappers. AI is a machine-learning process that mimics human decision-making, but avoids the emotional pitfalls made by humans who let biases and team loyalty supersede logic.

What Are College Football Computer Picks?

College football computer picks are sports picks generated by an algorithm that predicts the outcome of a game. Leans AI is a game-changing service when it comes to using AI technology in the field of sports analytics. Each day, Leans AI offers top AI sports picks using its own unique Artificial Intelligence algorithms. We’ve built one of the most powerful sports algorithms around with impressive results.

The table below shows a sample of 5 college football computer picks from the Leans AI algorithm Remi. The computer predicts a precise win probability for each game and assigns units to each pick. 

Game Lean Computer Predicted Win Probability Units Result
SMU@BYU BYU +4 53.9% 4 WIN
CLEM@UNC UNDER 63.5 56.3% 7 WIN
UTAH@USC USC -2.5 55.0% 5 WIN
Lean Computer Predicted Win Probability Units Result
12/17/22 BYU +4 53.9% 4 WIN
12/17/22 WASHST +4.5 55.0% 5 LOSS
12/03/22 UNC UNDER 63.5 56.3% 7 WIN
12/02/22 USC -2.5 55.0% 5 WIN
11/26/22 BYU -6 56.6% 9 WIN

The algorithm uses data and statistics from hundreds of sources and historical databases, thus using tens of millions of data points to provide daily AI sports betting predictions with a proven track performance record. You can check out the live performance on the picks page to see how our algorithm is doing.

Better yet, the algorithm employs reinforcement learning, or a method of teaching itself to get better over time. This gives subscribers an edge by using college football computer picks.

As the season progresses and more data regarding team performance becomes available, the algorithm can identify non-intuitive trends. Therefore, using AI the college football computer picks and trends can help you gain an advantage. Many are starting to use AI in sports betting and the latest trends to place their bets on the right games and best lines.

How Powerful Are College Football Computer Picks?

Leans AI NCAAF computer picks are unparalleled in the industry. This is because we have the latest analysis and up-to-date team information for every game, and we plug in millions of data points into our AI algorithm Remi. Last year, our AI model Remi was 62.3% accurate in college football predictions against the spread and over/under. 

Each week, Leans AI takes to the field, analyzing college football picks and NCAAF expert picks for every match on the schedule. From opening night in August until bowl season, our AI model, Remi, provides expert picks on NCAA Football. In addition, we provide the best predictions all the way up to the National Championship game in January.

college football handicapping

How Do AI Generated NCAAF Picks Work?

Our AI college football picks model goes through and simulates every game hundreds of times. Furthermore, after hundreds of simulations, it calculates the most likely conclusion for each game. According to the latest data, the model evolves each week to offer the best Expert NCAAF Predictions. Similarly, it exclusively utilizes genuine data-driven insights for each team and individual. Therefore, this provides improved predictions for each game.

Each NCAAF computer pick will feature the most up-to-date information and current trends, and a forecasted score. Our model starts working as soon as the line is released, so you get the picks quicker. With Leans AI, there’s no need to stress about picking which games to wager on throughout the college football season. Remi releases a few games each week for you to incorporate into your betting strategies if you choose. 

Leans AI is the best sports betting platform that can deliver picks faster and with a better winning probability. This means we’ll keep you one step ahead of the bookies throughout the season. Subscribe to Leans AI and start beating the books by getting the latest Expert NCAAF Football Predictions and earning the greatest closing line value available.

Should You Trust College Football Expert Picks over AI?

If you’re a seasoned sports bettor, you’re undoubtedly aware that the spread accounts for most of the action in college football. This is the most prevalent technique for sports bettors to wager on football games, similar to the NFL.

Unlike MoneyLine bets, which require you to identify the game’s outright winner, the spread allows you to wager on the game’s eventual score. Will the favorite win by a certain number of points? Will the underdog be able to keep the final score inside that margin?

This enables clients to wager on favorites without spending a lot of money. Furthermore, they may choose the underdog without having to bet on them to win the game altogether. This is where our Free College Football Picks & Betting Predictions can help you out.

Spread betting lines are usually relatively even, with most starting at “-110” both ways. Depending on how much money is moving to one side of the split, this line rises or falls. The line will increase higher if everyone is betting on the favorite to win the game at “-110.” As a result, bettors will have to pay more to wager on that side.

By using our AI Algorithm Remi, only data driven decisions are used to create precise win probabilities. This removes human emotion and bias from the process, which is why AI sports picks often destroy conventional handicappers. You can enjoy our Free NCAAF Computer Picks and enhance your betting strategies for the NCAAF season.


Can I get Free College Football Picks Today?

Yes! You can try Leans AI FREE to see our AI algorithm Remi in action! 

College football is one of the most challenging sports to predict. Despite this, it is the second most bet on sport in the United States, after only the NFL. It might be challenging to determine which matches and teams provide the most significant value with many games and teams competing each week. We take care of that for you at Leans AI to make your selection easier.

It’s not simple to figure out which team is poised to win or score big on any given day. Selecting the best conclusion regarding each matchup requires a significant amount of time and study before making AI college football picks.

This is where our artificial intelligence model comes in helpful. Before generating football probabilities, Remi will take into account everything from starting lineups to bench depth, the number of days on the road, player health, the stadium, the climate, and a variety of complex statistical models.

With up to 50 games on any given Saturday, an individual would have much research to do. This is where we at Leans AI come in. The research is done for you by our AI model. 

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