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Here's How It Works

You will get email notifications when new picks are released, or you can go to the ‘Todays Leans‘ page in the menu dropdown.

Weekdays between 1-4PM EST. Weekends between 9-Noon EST. 

Depends on how many sports are in season, but usually between 1 and 10 picks per day. 

Remi releases picks about 360 days of the year, with no picks during the MLB all-star break, some holidays, and RARELY if there are games taking place but Remi didn’t find any substantial Leans that day. However, 98% of the time Remi will find at least one pick per day. 

While Remi calculates the probability to cover the spread on every game in NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAAF, and NCAAB, Remi only releases a few top picks each day. If Remi doesn’t release a pick on a game you’re interested in, you can assume Remi see’s the game as a toss-up.

You have a one time free trial for 30 days to try Remi out. After that, you will need to pay in order to keep getting Remi’s picks each day.