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Record = 1381-1213

Net_Profit = +422.8  units


Against Spread:  1381-1213


After Vigorish:  +422.84

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Around the clock, Remi delves into thousands of data points across NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, College Football, and College Basketball games.

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Remi identifies the game’s line or spread and computes the likelihood of either team covering the spread, the line, or winning outright.

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For each pick, Remi designates units, representing the pick’s significance, ranging from 2 to 15.

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Continuous Improvement Through AI

Remi employs reinforced recursive machine learning, an advanced AI technique, learning from past errors and enhancing its predictions over time.

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All Time Net Units
After Vigorish:  +422.84

All Time Record
Against Spread:  1381-1213

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Discover the Impact of NFL Handicapping Picks

NFL handicapping picks have revolutionized the world of sports predictions, employing cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. By generating accurate win probabilities, these picks consistently outperform traditional handicappers. Unlike humans, AI operates purely on logic, avoiding emotional biases and team loyalties that often cloud human judgment.


NFL handicapping picks are expert predictions generated by a sophisticated algorithm that anticipates game outcomes. Leans AI stands at the forefront of sports analytics, utilizing pioneering AI technology. Every day, Leans AI delivers top-notch sports predictions crafted through its exclusive Artificial Intelligence algorithms. We’ve developed one of the most potent sports prediction systems, consistently delivering remarkable results.

Below, you’ll find a glimpse of 5 NFL handicapper picks generated by the Leans AI algorithm Remi. The computer calculates precise win probabilities for each game and assigns units to ensure strategic and precise predictions.

Game Lean AI Predicted Win Probability Units Result
12/24/22 HOU@TEN HOU +3.5 54.1% 4 WIN
12/18/22 DET@NYJ DET +1.5 55.4% 4 WIN
12/18/22 NYG@WAS OVER 40.5 54.6% 3 LOSS
12/15/22 SF@SEA UNDER 43.5 54.6% 5 WIN
12/11/22 TB@SF OVER 37 57.1% 5 WIN
Lean Computer Predicted Win Probability Units Result
12/24/22 HOU +3.5 54.1% 4 WIN
12/18/22 DET +1.5 55.4% 4 WIN
12/18/22 NYG OVER 40.5 54.6% 3 LOSS
12/15/22 SF UNDER 43.5 54.6% 5 WIN
12/11/22 TB OVER 37 57.1% 5 WIN

Our algorithm taps into a vast array of data, pulling from hundreds of sources and historical databases, utilizing tens of millions of data points. This wealth of information fuels our daily AI sports betting predictions, boasting a track record of proven performance. Curious about our success? Check out our past picks page to witness the algorithm in action.

What sets us apart is our use of reinforcement learning, a technique that enables the algorithm to continuously refine itself, providing our subscribers with a strategic advantage in NFL handicapping picks. As the season unfolds and more data accumulates, our algorithm identifies subtle trends, giving you an edge. By embracing AI-driven NFL handicapping picks and trends, you can gain a strategic advantage in your bets. Join the growing community using AI and cutting-edge trends to make informed bets on the right games and optimal lines.


NFL handicapping picks significantly enhance your chances of winning by leveraging real-time data and trends. Artificial Intelligence (AI) operates as a machine-learning process, emulating human decision-making while bypassing the emotional biases that often cloud human judgment. Leans AI stands at the forefront of sports betting, offering unparalleled AI sports betting picks derived from our unique Artificial Intelligence algorithms. We’ve crafted one of the largest and most potent sports betting algorithms, consistently delivering exceptional results.

Our algorithm meticulously analyzes data from diverse sources, employing reinforcement learning to adapt and improve with each passing week. By considering team performance, even the non-intuitive trends are uncovered. You can check our past picks to see how our AI NFL predictions fared against the real results. With our up-to-the-minute information, current trends, and forecasted scores, our NFL handicapper picks provide you with reliable insights, enabling you to make informed decisions.


Our AI NFL predictions model meticulously simulates every game, running through hundreds of simulations to calculate the most likely outcomes. As the season progresses, the model evolves, offering the most precise Expert NFL Predictions based on genuine data-driven insights for each team and player. Whether it’s against the spread, over/under, or other wagering types, our AI-generated picks provide you with the latest and most reliable predictions.

Leans AI eliminates the stress of choosing games throughout the football season. Remi releases select games each week, allowing you to incorporate them into your betting strategies. Subscribe to Leans AI to stay ahead of the bookies and to stay armed with the latest Expert NFL Football Predictions and the best closing line value available.

is a parlay worth it


NFL Expert Picks often carry biases and emotions. That’s why our AI comprehensively covers every game of the NFL season and playoffs. Remi carefully assesses thousands of lines and spreads, releasing only a few top leans each week to ensure optimal percentages for our clients. In the high-stakes environment of NFL playoffs, where margins are narrow, our AI model, REMI, excels, offering the best Football Handicapping Picks when the stakes are at their peak.

REMI utilizes a machine learning approach and feeds data into a Monte Carlo methodology, simulating 10,000 possible outcomes for each event. By predicting player performance and executing event simulations based on intricate variables, we offer the best Free NFL Picks, NFL Predictions, and Odds.


You can experience the power of Leans AI free for the free trial, witnessing our AI algorithm Remi in action! With nearly endless wagering options in the NFL, from against the spread to over/under, parlays, prop bets, and more, there’s a betting type for every football enthusiast. Leans AI simplifies your choices, doing the research for you through our AI NFL predictions model.

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Explore the diverse world of NFL betting with these top strategies, all brought to you by Leans AI. Elevate your game and increase your winning probabilities with our NFL Score Predictions.

1: NFL Against the Spread Betting (ATS)

ATS betting stands as the most prevalent NFL wagering tactic. Unlike straightforward win-or-lose bets, ATS wagers focus on predicting specific point differentials. You can bet that Team A will win by a certain number of points or that Team B will keep the game closer than the oddsmakers predict.

The fascinating aspect of ATS NFL betting lies in its flexibility; you can bet on a team that loses outright and still emerge victorious. Our most popular bet on the site, NFL Picks & Predictions against the spread, is a testament to the strategy’s effectiveness. Additionally, sports programs and experts meticulously analyze game lines in anticipation of matches.

Remarkably, approximately 80% of the time, the team that covers the spread also wins the game handily.

2:NFL Over/Under Betting

In the unpredictable realm of NFL games, predicting a winner can be challenging. Over/Under bets provide an exciting alternative.

These wagers don’t focus on specific teams but rather on the total points scored. You bet on whether the combined score will surpass or fall short of the oddsmakers’ prediction. Even in blowout games, last-second field goals can determine whether the sum goes over or under the predetermined limit.

REMI, our advanced AI model, meticulously analyzes every NFL game, providing expert insights and NFL Handicapping Picks. This includes wagering on the NFL season’s Over/Under market for each game, coupled with precise NFL Score Predictions.

3:NFL Money Line Betting

While ATS betting offers excitement, it can be frustrating if a team narrowly misses the spread. NFL clubs strive for victory, regardless of the margin.

This nuance often leads bettors to Money Line (ML) bets. Unlike spread bets, ML wagers focus solely on predicting the winner or loser, without considering the point spread.

ML bets are an excellent strategy, especially when backing an underdog. For example, if a team is +10 ATS, they might be +350 on the money line to win outright. In this scenario, a $100 bet could yield a $350 payout. Utilize NFL Football Handicapping to refine your strategy and enhance your winning probabilities.

With Leans AI, you have access to a wealth of insights and predictions, allowing you to navigate the dynamic landscape of NFL betting with confidence. Level the playing field and place your bets wisely with our expert guidance.

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