How AI is Influencing NBA Handicapping Picks

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Remi finds the line or spread of the game, and calculates the probability that either team will cover the line, spread, or win outright.

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Remi assigns units to each pick. A unit is simply a mathematical representation of the weight of each pick, from 2-15.

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Remi uses an AI technique known is reinforced recursive machine learning to learn from past mistakes and improve over time.
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All Time Net Units
After Vigorish:  +393.67

All Time Record
Against Spread:  1385-1225

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NBA Handicapping Using AI Destroys Human Handicappers

When it comes to NBA handicapping, leveraging real-time data and trends can significantly increase your chances of winning. Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a pivotal role in this realm, simulating human decision-making without succumbing to emotional biases or team loyalties that often cloud human judgment.


It involves sports picks generated by algorithms that predict game outcomes. Enter Leans AI, a revolutionary service at the forefront of utilizing AI technology in sports betting. Every day, Leans AI delivers top-notch sports betting picks crafted through its advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms. These algorithms represent some of the most sophisticated and powerful tools in the realm of sports betting.

Consider the table below, showcasing a selection of 5 NBA handicapping picks from Leans AI’s Remi algorithm. This computerized system precisely calculates win probabilities for each game and assigns units to each pick, ensuring a methodical approach to sports betting:

Game Lean AI Predicted Win Probability Units Result
02/11/23 PHI@BKN PHI -1 55.2% 6 WIN
02/11/23 DEN@CHA DEN -8.5 54.7% 5 WIN
02/11/23 DAL@SAC OVER 235.5 58.7% 8 WIN
02/10/23 CLE@NO CLE -2.5 54.1% 4 WIN
02/10/23 UTA@TOR UNDER 230.5 56.3% 6 LOSS
Lean Computer Predicted Win Probability Units Result
02/11/23 PHI -1 55.2% 6 WIN
02/11/23 DEN -8.5 54.7% 5 WIN
02/11/23 DAL OVR 235.5 58.7% 8 WIN
02/10/23 CLE -2.5 54.1% 4 WIN
02/10/23 UTA UN 230.5 56.3% 6 LOSS

Leans AI’s algorithm derives insights from vast datasets, incorporating information from hundreds of sources and historical databases. With tens of millions of data points, the algorithm generates daily AI sports betting predictions, showcasing a proven track record of performance. Curious about its effectiveness? You can monitor its live performance on the past picks page to see the algorithm’s success firsthand.

What sets Leans AI apart is its use of reinforcement learning, a technique that enables the algorithm to teach itself and continuously improve. Subscribers benefit from this cutting-edge approach, gaining an edge through NBA handicapper picks.

As the NBA season unfolds and more data on team performance becomes available, the algorithm identifies nuanced trends that the casual fan might miss. By embracing AI-driven NBA Handicapper Picks and trends, you position yourself advantageously in the world of sports betting. A growing number of enthusiasts are turning to AI and the latest trends to make informed bets, choosing the right games and optimal betting lines.


Discovering the true potential of NBA handicapper picks is akin to unlocking a well-guarded secret. The Leans AI’s algorithm, Remi, boasts an impressive 64% win percentage in NBA. While future successes can’t be guaranteed, Remi’s track record thus far is nothing short of remarkable. It’s a journey that unfolds over a season, an enduring marathon rather than a fleeting sprint.

In the NBA, the dynamics between home and away teams wield significant influence. This fundamental truth echoes across all major sports, but the knowledge of home team advantage isn’t sufficient. What truly matters is understanding the depth of this advantage.

Expert bettors recognize the importance of considering every nuance of a team’s schedule and comprehending how these factors sway game outcomes. This meticulous analysis demands tracking a team’s performance in various scenarios, delving into a plethora of statistics. This task finds its solution in the form of AI to process this data for us.

nba computer picks


It’s no surprise that the NBA is a star-driven league. Yet, despite their fame, the NBA often stands in the shadow of sports like football (soccer) on the global stage.

The current roster-building tendency for teams is to put together “super squads” with two or three superstars. With James, Wade, and Bosh, Miami had a few successful seasons. Heading West we saw this with the Warriors, who brought Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant together. What value does this information have for a sports bettor? How can it help Expert Basketball Predictions?

Here’s where Leans AI steps in, employing its ingenious AI algorithm, Remi. This algorithm calculates precise win probabilities for each game. It sifts through hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of data points, including the nuanced impact of star power and injuries on a game. Armed with this insight, the algorithm aligns the win probability with the given line or spread, assigning a unit, or weight, to each game.

The algorithm then sends a selection of the best NBA picks to subscribers. Leans AI’s algorithm does the heavy lifting, allowing clients to relax and enjoy the game while the AI works its magic.


Leans AI compiles all of the NBA expert predictions into one convenient location. Skeptical about the pros? Feel free to explore our NBA Handicapping picks for every game day and compare for yourself.

Let’s face it—NBA experts are only human. Emotion often taints their picks and predictions, a pitfall that AI sidesteps. Our AI system operates on pure data, devoid of emotional biases, ensuring every decision is rooted in cold, hard facts.

Every season ushers in a wave of fresh talent, accompanied by media buzz that might lead you to believe rookies will instantly dominate the league. Fultz, Ball, Simmons—the hype reels are endless. But here’s a word of caution: NBA rookies rarely match the lofty expectations set by ESPN highlight reels. Smart bettors know that success hinges on objective data and facts, something rookies inherently lack. Betting your hard-earned cash demands more than falling for the rookie hype.

Early-season betting markets are often swayed by rookie sensations. Don’t let the frenzy lure you in. Consider steering clear of the hype, focusing instead on the steady performance of middle-of-the-road clubs from the previous year. Still uncertain? Rely on NBA expert picks to guide your decisions.

nba ats


Excited to see our AI algorithm, Remi in action? You’re in luck! Try Leans AI FREE!

NBA betting is undeniably complex; teams engage in mini-series over a few days, often splitting victories. Navigating this intricate landscape demands meticulous research, from starting lineups to player health, stadium atmosphere to statistical models. With 1,230 regular-season games and up to 15 games on any given day, the research workload is staggering.

Enter Leans AI, where our AI model does the heavy lifting for you. We meticulously analyze every detail, offering NBA win probabilities alongside comprehensive rationale, analysis, and score predictions. Stay ahead of the game with our up-to-the-minute insights, ensuring you make the best NBA handicapping picks possible.

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