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Record = 1385-1225

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Against Spread:  1385-1225


After Vigorish:  +393.67

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Our AI sports genius Remi crunches thousands of data points on each game. You reap the rewards.

college football handicapping

Remi's Dedicated to Sports Analytics

Remi delves into the intricacies of every NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, College Football, and College Basketball game, meticulously evaluating thousands of data points.

Predicting Win Probabilities

Remi dissects the game’s line or spread, providing you with the calculated probabilities for each team’s chance to cover the line, spread or secure an outright win.

Assigning Strategic Units

Remi dissects the game’s line or spread, providing you with the calculated probabilities for each team’s chance to cover the line, spread or secure an outright win.

Exclusive Daily Top Picks

Receive instant notifications when Remi shares a Top Pick directly to your inbox or access them on the Today’s Leans page, tailored just for you.

Continuous AI Enhancement

Remi employs advanced techniques like reinforced recursive machine learning, using past experiences to evolve and deliver even sharper predictions over time.

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"Leans.AI is by far one of the most informative sports betting programs I have come across in a long while. In the last half year, I have been more successful with this company than any others I have tried, and I plan on sticking with them."

Trevor Martin (+87.3 units)
4 October 2022

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All Time Net Units
After Vigorish:  +393.67

All Time Record
Against Spread:  1385-1225

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Discover the Power of College Football Handicapping Picks

College football handicapping picks have revolutionized sports betting through cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. These picks, driven by meticulous analysis, outperform traditional handicappers by eliminating emotional biases that often cloud human judgment.


These picks are the result of algorithms predicting game outcomes. Leans AI leads the charge in AI-driven sports analytics, offering daily top-notch selections through its unique algorithms. Our powerhouse AI, Remi, processes millions of data points from diverse sources and historical databases, ensuring you receive the most accurate predictions.

Here’s a glimpse of our AI’s prowess:

Lean Computer Predicted Win Probability Units Result
12/17/22 BYU +4 53.9% 4 WIN
12/17/22 WASHST +4.5 55.0% 5 LOSS
12/03/22 UNC UNDER 63.5 56.3% 7 WIN
12/02/22 USC -2.5 55.0% 5 WIN
11/26/22 BYU -6 56.6% 9 WIN

Using cutting-edge technology, Remi continually refines its predictions, ensuring you gain an edge as the season progresses. By leveraging AI trends and insights, you can make informed decisions, ultimately outsmarting the bookies. You can review past performances on the past picks page to see how Remi is doing.


Leans AI NCAAF handicapping selections stand head and shoulders above the rest in the industry. Our success stems from our access to the most recent analysis and real-time team data for every game, meticulously integrated into our AI algorithm, Remi. Last season, Remi boasted an impressive 62.3% accuracy in college football predictions, covering both the spread and over/under.

Every week, Leans AI dives into the heart of the action, dissecting college football picks and NCAAF expert predictions for each scheduled match. Whether it’s the thrilling opening night in August or the pinnacle of bowl season, our expert AI model, Remi, delivers unparalleled picks for NCAA Football enthusiasts. What’s more, we continue to provide top-notch AI football forecasts, guiding you all the way to the National Championship game in January.

college football handicapping


Our cutting-edge AI model meticulously simulates each college football game hundreds of times, delving into countless scenarios. After this analysis, it pinpoints the most probable outcomes for every game.

What sets us apart? Our model doesn’t rest. It evolves weekly, incorporating the freshest data to deliver the most precise expert NCAAF predictions. We rely solely on genuine, data-driven insights, ensuring our predictions are always ahead of the curve.

From the moment the betting lines are released, our model springs into action, providing you with much quicker picks. No more agonizing over which games to bet on – we’ve got you covered. Remi curates a handful of games each week, tailored to enhance your betting strategies.

Leans AI stands as the pinnacle of sports betting platforms, delivering picks swiftly and with unparalleled accuracy. Stay steps ahead of the bookies throughout the season by subscribing to Leans AI. Get the edge with the latest Expert NCAAF Football Predictions – your winning streak starts here!


Leans AI offers the fastest, most accurate college football picks, giving you a significant advantage in the unpredictable world of sports betting. Our AI-driven selections take the guesswork out of your decisions, keeping you ahead of the game throughout the season.



Yes! You can experience the effectiveness of our AI algorithm Remi for FREE! With college football being one of the most challenging sports to predict, let our AI do the heavy lifting for you. Leans AI simplifies your choices, ensuring you focus on winning. Don’t miss out on our top college football handicapping picks – your key to smarter, more successful betting.

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