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We go beyond analytics and provide comprehensive game weights
It’s one thing to know which way a games LEANS, but HOW MUCH weight to put on each LEAN is just as important. Remi leverages mathematically proven theorems to generate an idealized weight, known as Units, for every LEAN. Each Unit factors in current line payouts and probability of win, including confidence scores, to expose all the mathematical tools to our clients.

Clients get access to the top 1-4 leans per day generated by Remi from the leagues we offer, as well as game weights or ‘Units’ based on Remi’s mathematical weight strategy. In addition, clients can elect to be notified by email every time a new LEAN is released. Clients can cancel at any time, but will not be refunded or pro-rated for the current month.

One node of our algorithm watches betting trends and line movement throughout the day, which can either create a LEAN, strengthen a LEAN, or wipe a LEAN out entirely. For this reason, as well as game time injury decisions, we tend to release our top LEANS in the afternoon on weekdays, and in the early to mid-morning on weekends.

We currently provide information on the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL as well as College Football and College Basketball. Our model has historically done better on some leagues than others due to the randomization of variables per sport and the scoring systems used.

At LeansAI, we are committed to responsible strategies and following applicable laws to the letter. The information LeansAI provides is solely for entertainment purposes and is not a suggestion or recommendation as to whether or how anyone should wager. Clients are responsible for compliance with applicable laws. Please refer to our Terms and Service (hyperlink) for more information.

Howard D says: “Remi is a freaking wizard.”

Chase B says: “Remind me, why are you not charging $1000/mo for this system?”

Alvin R says: “I don’t understand how Remi reads between the lines, but man these games are fun to watch!”

Why is transparency so important? Because on more than one occasion we’ve used various services with impressive records only to see them fizzle and cost us big time. Most often, we found the odds to payout ratio didn’t make sense, which is WHY their records look so impressive; but even at incredibly high win percentages, they still lost us money.

We commit never to fudge numbers, selecting streaky runs, or only filter heavy favorites with terrible payouts in our record. We commit to be transparent with our record, even the ones in a tough stretch, so you know how Remi has performed over time. Not only are these tough stretches where Remi learns best, but often they have been followed quickly by a reversal.

Units are derived from a mathematical formula that factors in probability of win and payout odds for each lean. Generally 1 unit = 1% of total bankroll. Units are solely for entertainment and informational purposes ONLY and are NOT a suggestion or recommendation as to whether or how anyone should wager. For more information please refer to our Terms of Service.

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Our Values

LeansAI values Data, Statistics, and Transparency to build long term relationships with our clients.


We infused advanced proprietary AI algorithms into Remi to crunch millions of data points into a few valuable numbers.


By understanding statistical fundamentals, variances, and deviations, Remi creates a higher degree of confidence in how certain numbers may trend.


Remi has thousands of picks under its belt, and we don’t hide those from our record, even the bad ones. It’s how Remi learns best.