We were tired of guessing at Sports Betting, so we got scientific!

For a Sportsbook to stay in business, it MUST split money evenly across a line or spread, and then take their cut regardless of the outcome of a game.

As such, lines are influenced far more by the money of emotional bettors than by true game analytics.

Often the money and the analytics match. But when they don’t, it creates a LEAN.

Trusted Results

Over several thousand picks, our proprietary Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) algorithm ‘Remi’ has found the best LEANS across the major sports. Remi shares his information with our clients so you can decide whether, when, and to what extent Remi is useful in your strategies.

While historical performance is no guarantee of future results, Remi’s odds have averaged -110 or better, meaning historically Remi has broken even at 52.4%. We don’t hide losses or fudge wins, just build trust with our clients through data, statistics and transparency.

Here’s how Remi has fared on 50 recent LEANS for each sport.

NBA | 29-21

CBB | 33-17

CFB | 34-16

NFL | 28-22

MLB | 31-19

NHL | 25-25

What is a Lean?

Sportsbooks must split money evenly across a line or spread to stay in business. This requires books to move lines and split money first, and reflect true game analytics second. Most times, the line and the analytics match, and Remi avoids these games as they truly are gambling. Inevitably though, a few times each day bettors pull a line away from the analytics by betting emotionally OR putting way too much emphasis on the wrong statistics in their calculations. These games, where the line and the analytics don’t match, create a LEAN for sports bettors. Each day, LeansAI has found the top leans where – based on the information we collect - bettors have an advantage over the books. That does not guarantee a win – but it does improve your statistical chances of winning.

Meet remi

Hi I’m Remi, an AI driven algorithm. I crunch millions of data points each day from thousands of athletes and hundreds of teams into a few valuable metrics that differentiate game analytics from betting lines. I’m well versed in statistics, mathematics, anomalies, historical trends, analytics, and comprised of complex neural networks at my core. I enjoy watching humans use emotion to make decisions, and while I wish I had emotion, I tend to stick with mathematics and statistics in my decisions; I find it much more reliable.


Remi analyzes millions of data points every day so you don’t have to.


Today’s sports world encompasses far more data than any one person can analyze. We built Remi to crunch massive amounts of data into a few valuable numbers.
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Remi leverages the undercurrent of statistical analysis to minimize surprises.


Many important statistics often stay within a range far into the future. By leveraging statistical deviances, anomalies, and confidence intervals Remi can have a good idea which way certain numbers will likely trend going forward.
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Remi has thousands of picks under its belt, and we don’t hide those from our record, even the bad ones.


In fact, Remi learns best from bad stretches, which usually indicate a statistical deviance or anomaly, and that a trend reversal could be coming. So oftentimes, a bad stretch quickly corrects itself with a run.
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Hope Is NOT A Strategy

If you are hoping a game will go your way, or worse, guessing which way it will go, you are exactly who the sportsbooks want -- uninformed, emotional, probably playing parlays, and ready to lose 9% of your portfolio every two bets to Juice. We got tired of hoping games would go our way, so we created Remi to find games that LEAN to our advantage using the undercurrent of data, statistics, analytics, and AI. Put Remi to work today!

Why choose LeansAI?

When we hear, “Hey, at least I broke even,” we cringe! Usually, this means you won half the games, but if you start with $500, bet $50 per game, and go 25-25, your balance will be under $400. Why? Every time you win one and lose one, the books take 9% to something called “Juice.” If you’re guessing on games, ‘breaking even’ is literally lighting money on fire!! Even worse, when we hear, “I was only one game away on that parlay,” steam comes out of our ears! This is exactly where the books want you to live, losing 9% every two picks, or losing 30% on average to parlays.

When the advantage LEANS significantly to one side of a line, we improve our chance of winning by taking advantage of that information. You can do that, too.

Some services advertise incredibly high win percentages (65% and higher) and either choose a very small sample size or hide the fact they play safe favorites with terrible payouts (-150 and worse). Prospective clients see “wow 65% wins is fantastic,” but in reality those picks often lose money.

The Remi’s average odds are -110 or better, meaning Remi breaks even at 52.4% and anything above is profit. We don’t fudge numbers or select streaky runs, just real win percentages including some sports where our models aren’t above the break-even line. This transparency builds trust and keeps our clients subscribing year after year.

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