About Us

Our Story

Our story consists of a Sports Scientist, an Analytical and Statistical Modeling Guru, and an Artificial Intelligence Software Engineer that found common ground as sports enthusiasts and saw a way to take the Juice away from the books and then some. There is no way to predict the future, but there is a way to find analytics that don’t match lines, and exploit those LEANS accordingly.

Our Mission

Our mission is to share our information with sports enthusiasts of discrepancies between analytics and lines, and to use data, statistics, and transparency to build long term relationships with our clients. The books have made enough money.

Our System - Remi

Remi is an AI algorithm that crunches millions of data points from thousands of athletes and hundreds of teams into a few usable numbers that differentiate game analytics from betting lines. Technology, software, statistics, sports analytics, neural networks, and AI are all infused into Remi.

Our Values

LeansAI values Data, Statistics, and Transparency to build long term relationships with our clients.


We infused advanced proprietary AI algorithms into Remi to crunch millions of data points into a few valuable numbers.


By understanding statistical fundamentals, variances, and deviations, Remi creates a higher degree of confidence in how certain numbers may trend.


Remi has thousands of picks under its belt, and we don’t hide those from our record, even the bad ones. It’s how Remi learns best.

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